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Personal Training, Childbirth Classes & Doula Services for a Strong Pregnancy, Postpartum & Beyond

It's Time for You to Feel Strong, Confident, & Absolutely Amazing

Personalized Care

Competent, Capable, & Empowered

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Are you looking for birth classes to prepare your mind and body for unknowns of labor & birth?

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Are you pregnant or postpartum and wanting to strengthen your core and lose the baby weight?

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Are you an experienced mom ready to get active and eat better for a healthier you?

You've come to the right place

Maybe you are pregnant and you have been told that birth is scary and out of your control. Or, maybe you are deep in the throes of motherhood and you are struggling with how your body looks in the mirror. You've tried reading books and articles to help you but there is too much information out there and not enough time to cipher through it all. You need more than words on a screen to help you. The anxiety it brings is overwhelming. I want you to know..

You've got this, mama! It is time to trust in your body and I want to support you along the way. I am a certified childbirth educator with a Master of Science in Exercise Science. I offer childbirth classes with real-life support and practice and doula services to guide you every step of the way. My personal training is done virtually so that you can exercise on your own time but still have the accountability and support you need most. Don't wait any longer, prioritize yourself today.

Fill out my connection form below or call me today for a complimentary discovery call: 757-698-7985

Hi, I'm Justine.

Founder & Mother of Four


During my first pregnancy, I felt lost and out of control. I went on to have a birth that didn't go my way and was left to fend for myself once it was over. In those first few weeks postpartum, I pushed myself too hard, too quick and didn't understand why my body wasn't healing. I was all alone with this new baby and new body- completely clueless.

As a result, I sought to become a trained perinatal professional dedicated to giving women like you the support you need on the journey through motherhood. I make it my mission to help moms feel confident in their choices AND their bodies. I never want a mother to feel the way I did 15+ years ago.

Contact me today to book your complimentary discovery call.