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The Mission

Providing Support When You Need It Most

Beach Mama provides quality, holistic and professional care to women on the journey through motherhood. I believe every woman deserves to feel confident, happy and at peace with her self and her choices. My goal is to to inform, empower, and support you by providing current, evidence-based information for birth and beyond.

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Core Values

What I Believe In

Evidence Based Research

I offer evidence-based information and training to students and clients while staying up-to-date on the latest research and practices.

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A Little About Me

Personal Trainer & Childbirth Educator

Hi! I'm Justine. I am the founder of Beach Mama and a mother of four. I am basically the ring leader of my own personal circus. I love it, most days. On the particularly rough days, I dream of flying to the Caribbean to drink endless mocktails and not have to referee another WWE match in my living room. ;) Despite the chaos, I wouldn't change a thing. It is all part of the beauty of #momlife.

Outside of #momlife, I am a lover of birth and fitness. Not necessarily giving birth and exercising at the same time (whew!), more so teaching, reading, and talking about them. Birth is truly a magical experience. It is AMAZING to see what your body is capable of. My absolute favorite part is meeting my beautiful creation at the very end. It never gets old, trust me.

With one medicated and three very different unmedicated births, my first-hand experience as a certified birth educator is diverse. My birth journey started with a high-intervention, epidural birth in a hospital and has ended with a natural birth with zero interventions in the comfort of my own home. I have given birth laying in a hospital bed, leaning over a bed, squatting next to a birth tub, and kneeling in my living room. That's right, you don't have to be stuck in a bed to give birth! Crazy, right?!

I am a fierce advocate for women's health both in and out of the birthing room. I hold an M.S. in Exercise Science & Health Promotion. My post-graduate studies were focused on pre- & post-natal rehabilitation. In other words, I specialize in helping women strengthen and heal their bodies before, during, and after pregnancy. As the saying goes- once postpartum, always postpartum. 


My struggles and quest to find quality, evidence-based information during this special phase of life is what led me to this work. I don’t want you to feel the way that I did. I know how critical it is to have the right education, guidance, and support to truly thrive on this journey through motherhood. I would love to help you feel confident, happy, and at peace in any stage of life. 

My Philosophy

I believe that knowledge gives us power to make decisions. It helps us overcome fears and distorted ideas that would otherwise stop us from reaching our desired destination. I want to pass along that knowledge to helps others find their inner strength and achieve the goals that they desire.

My Approach

I offer birth education, wellness coaching and fitness training for women who are on the journey to or through motherhood. Custom fitness and nutrition programs are offered with the option of downloadable programming, live online 1:1 coaching or virtual training via the Beach Fit app. 

My Credentials

  • B.S. & M.S. in Exercise Science

  • Childbirth Educator, AAHCC

  • Certified Personal Trainer, ACE

  • Certified Health Coach, ACE

  • Certified Pre/Postnatal Coach, GGS

  • Corrective Exercise, NASM

  • Performance Enhancement, NASM

  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE

  • 10+ years experience in wellness

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