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Birth Basics

6- Week Live Series

Are you interested in preparing for birth but just want to know the most vital information to get you to the finish line? Are you in the third trimester already but desperately want a comprehensive course for birth? Do you want to try for a natural birth but aren't sure which "method" to choose? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Birth Basics series is for you!


This comprehensive course is packed full of evidence-based information to guide you through pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. Classes will instruct you on how to maximize the three pillars of labor support: emotional, physical, and advocacy. This series will educate and empower you and your significant other. Classes include birth videos, interactive games, handouts, baby essential samples, access to my personal lending library, and telephone/email support.

Class topics include:

  • How to stay healthy and low-risk during pregnancy

  • Finding relief from pregnancy discomforts

  • Nutrition and exercise for pregnancy through recovery

  • The stages of labor and corresponding comfort measures 

  • Working with labor, not against it

  • Active participation of the spouse, partner, or other support person

  • Positive communication with partner and birth team

  • Creating a birth plan and navigating the unpredictable

  • Consumerism and informed decision making

  • Breastfeeding, newborn care, and the fourth trimester

  • Postpartum needs and more...

Next Series:

Please contact us for upcoming class start dates

Location: Pineapple Babies Midwifery Center

(all classes are being held in-person)

Cost: $250

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