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Proven Programs

Strength & Confidence

My proven programs are designed for women who do not want any guidance in their fitness journey. These predesigned programs will give you the framework to reach your goals on your own time. If you want more guided training go ahead and click “APPLY NOW” and fill out the application. We’ll have an opportunity to talk and we’ll work together to see what kind of training will make the most sense for your situation.

Programs: Welcome

Strong as a Mother

Strong as a Mother is a virtual exercise class designed for all stages of motherhood (prenatal, postpartum, and the years beyond!). Classes meet two times per week from the comfort of your home via Zoom. Recordings are available in our private online community for those who cannot make a class.

At Home Workout

Core + Floor

Giving birth can make our bodies feel unrecognizable and the changes we experience are deeper than we can see. This 6-week program will help re-strengthen your abs and restore your pelvic floor the right way. Learn how to connect your breathing pattern, engage your core + floor properly and help improve function. Classes also available in-person in Virginia Beach.

Exercising with Baby

Powerful Pregnancy

Improve your health, exercise safely, make birth easier, and recover faster. Get 40+ weeks of strength and cardio  workouts with tips to navigate this special phase of life. Workouts are designed for pregnant women with all ability levels.

Yoga Studio

Postpartum Restore

Rehab and recover, return to exercise safely, and navigate common postpartum concerns. Up to 42 weeks of strength and cardio workouts designed for women in the first year after giving birth. Workouts are designed for women with all ability levels.

Fitness Class

Strong, Toned & Fit

Build strength, tone up, improve your health, and feel better for life. Up to 24 weeks of strength and cardio workouts designed for women with all ability levels.

Yoga Class
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