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Deadlifts: Your New BFF

Have you tried the deadlift yet? If not, you are missing out! Want a full-body workout with minimal equipment? The deadlift is your friend. Want a cute butt with some solid glutes? The deadlift is your friend. Want a stronger core with a better posture? The deadlift is your friend. Want something that is functional? Versatile? Efficient? That’s right, the deadlift is your new BFF.

Deadlifting builds full-body strength.

During a deadlift, your legs, glutes, and hips help lift the weight off the ground while your back and core keep your spine stable, preventing any extra movement. At the same time, your shoulders and upper back are working to keep the bar stable while your arms, forearms, and hands are grasping the bar, keeping it in the right place during the entire movement. By strengthening your entire body, especially the posterior chain, you will notice improvements in your posture as well.

Deadlifting is functional.

Because it mimics basic human movements, improvements will transfer from the gym to your everyday life. Moving furniture, picking up children, bringing in groceries and shoveling snow all involve deadlifting. By keeping good form and improving your deadlift in the gym you could potentially make life outside the gym that much easier. It can also reduce your risk of getting injured during any of these similar lifts.