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The Bradley Method

12- Week Live Series

Getting ready for birth takes time, it is like an athletic event. Similar to running a marathon, it is wise to get in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally before making the “run.” The Bradley Method® will turn your birth partner into your coach and prepare the two of you for the biggest event of your lives. Classes include a 130 page student workbook, birth videos, interactive games, handouts, baby essential samples, official Bradley web login, student portal login, access to my personal lending library, and telephone/email support.

What is the difference between The Bradley Method® and other types of childbirth classes? The Bradley Method® is the most established and in-depth childbirth series that fully prepares you for birth and beyond. This method was developed by a medical doctor in the 1950's, when fathers weren't allowed in the birthing room. Dr. Bradley was a pioneer in getting fathers in the birthing room to assist their wives through labor and birth. Classes stress the importance of healthy baby, healthy mother, and healthy families. We attract families willing to take the responsibility needed for preparation and birth.

Classes advocate and teach:

  • women to "tune in" and trust in their bodies

  • active participation of the coach, partner, or other support person

  • proper nutrition to remain low risk and healthy

  • exercises to prepare the body for birth and promote a speedy recovery

  • complete relaxation and natural breathing to manage contractions

  • positive communication between couples and their birth team

  • immediate and regular contact between mom and baby, including breastfeeding

  • parental responsibility during pregnancy and birth and the importance of being informed consumers

  • to trust in the natural process of birth

Why 12 Weeks?

Course Content


Next Series: Please contact us for more information.

Location: Offering both virtual and in-person classes

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