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Personal Training for Women

Transform Your Mind & Body


Look and feel strong, confident, & absolutely amazing

Stop wasting time counting calories and spending endless hours on the treadmill

Instead, learn how to get off the diet & cardio roller coaster by creating long-term, sustainable changes that get you your dream body while helping you live healthy, feel strong, and build confidence-

all without ever stepping foot on a treadmill or tracking your macros

No diets or gym membership or required.

You are tired of...

feeling like you will never lose the baby weight (it's been what- 2+ years now?!)

following all the latest diets with no changes on the scale (you miss carbs & chocolate!)

being frustrated with overly-complicated social media fitness videos (are they serious??)

doing endless cardio + crunches and seeing only lackluster results (there has to be a better way!)

wishing you could stop falling off the fitness wagon (you need something more!)

You want to get active and eat healthier so…

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You look up workout videos and online programs to follow...

BUT these videos and programs don't have anyone to answer your questions or hold you accountable so you eventually quit only to realize you just wasted your time and money on yet another program that didn't deliver the results you so badly desired.

That’s why you've tried fad diets, weight loss shakes and diet pills...

BUT these diets & supplements deprive you of your favorite foods, are hard to stick to, never leave you satisfied, alienate you at gatherings and you know these short-term fixes are probably wreaking havoc on your body. Plus: these meals and supplements are expensive!

You even attempted sticking to a really low calorie diet...

BUT it was so exhausting and you were left with little to no energy each day. By the end of the week you were so hungry you lost it and binge ate whatever was in sight. Then you were left with shame and guilt asking yourself what happened to your self-control?!

What People Are Saying

Justine is so attentive, you can tell she really has a passion for helping others reach their goals. Best of all, I can workout in my own home and still feel like I got my butt kicked in the gym! Highly recommended!!

Jenny, small business owner & mom of 2

I love going to Justine's fitness classes and always learning new tricks to help keep my body growing stronger. I only wish I had met her sooner!

Jaime, stay at home mom of 2

Justine helped me lose 22 pounds. I am so very very thankful that I had her to go to. She is always very thorough very helpful.

Debbie, department manager & grandma of 8

I never would have pushed myself so much if it weren't for Justine. Thank you for all that you do!

Brenda, stay at home mom of 4

Personalized Coaching

Above and Beyond

New Mom Staying Fit
Staying Fit
Yoga Mats

1:1 Coaching

Personal Training

I work with clients 1:1 all across the United States via video call. We can meet two, three, or four times per week depending on your goals and schedule.

Online Coaching

Effective & Affordable

Think of me as your very own fitness concierge that fits in your pocket. I go with you anywhere, no appointment or babysitter required. I'm here to meet your needs.

Wellness Courses

Self-Paced Education

Now offering self-paced birth education, wellness courses, and fitness challenges that you can access from the comfort of your own home.

Wellness: Features

Self-Guided Programs

Wellness for Every Phase of Life

Pregnant mixed race woman meditating on

Prenatal Vitality

Mother and Baby Exercising

Postpartum Restore

Athletic Woman

Strong, Toned, and Fit

Up to 36 weeks of strength and cardio workouts designed for pregnant women with all ability levels. Improve your health, exercise safely, make birth easier, and recover faster.

Up to 42 weeks of strength and cardio workouts designed for postpartum women with all ability levels. Rehab and recover, return to exercise safely, and navigate potential postpartum issues.

Up to 24 weeks of strength and cardio workouts designed for women in all other phases of life with all ability levels. Reach your goals, improve your health, and feel better for life.

Wellness: Features

Each Program Includes

(but is not limited to)


Multiple workouts for every week of your personalized program, including how to choose your weights. Each phase is designed to keep you motivated and progressing!


Multiple cardio options and variations with specific program instructions. Each phase details how to increase or decrease your cardio sessions as you move through the weeks.


Multiple levels of progressions or regressions in both strength and cardio. A variety of options ensures all fitness levels can benefit in each phase of programming.


Exercises split into phases with sets, reps, rest, pro tips, cardio, rest days, warm up and recovery. This includes how much to do, for how long, and when to take a break.

Wellness: Ask Us
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