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Women's Wellness

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Wellness designed to meet your unique needs and goals.


Extensive education rooted in coaching women


Behavior-based, sustainable changes vs. deprivation


1:1 coaching, group training, and custom programs

Personalized Coaching

Above and Beyond

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Program Design

Effective & Affordable

Think of me as your very own fitness concierge that fits in your pocket. I go with you anywhere, no appointment or babysitter required. I'm here to meet your needs.

Virtual Personal Training

1:1 Coaching

Get 1:1 fitness and nutrition coaching from anywhere around the world via video call. We can meet two, three, or four times per week depending on your goals.

Hybrid Group Training

Find Your People

With virtual group training you get the best of both worlds- personalized training and a community of women to support you on your journey to health and wellness.

How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

You're not sure where to start.

Our certified personal trainer and nutrition coach is able to offer you a personalized training program using the latest research in the industry. This includes updated information on nutrition, exercise selection, core stability, diastasis recti, pelvic floor health, exercise safety, and more. We strive to not only train you, but also educate you on the ‘why’.

Everything You Need

Choosing Beach Wellness Coaching

Prenatal Benefits

  • Safe, effective training tailored to you and your trimester 

  • Control pregnancy related weight gain

  • Increase energy and quality of sleep

  • Decrease pregnancy aches and pains

  • Prevent or manage gestational diabetes

  • Reduce active labor and pushing time

  • Increase chance of postpartum exercise

  • Improve overall health and wellness

Postpartum Benefits

  • Safe, effective training tailored to you and your phase of life

  • Get stronger, feel better

  • Lose weight with precision (decrease fat, not muscle)

  • Pelvic floor balance (no sneeze pee!)

  • Core stabilization (tone abs)

  • Increase energy and quality of sleep

  • Enhance mental health

  • Improve overall health and wellness

Lifelong Benefits

  • Get personalized results (stronger, toned, weight loss, performance enhancement, and more)

  • Reach goals faster and more efficiently.

  • Increase energy and boost self-esteem

  • Stay motivated and accountable

  • Train smarter and more specific

  • Flexible and convenient workouts

  • Improve overall health and wellness.

What People Are Saying

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ALexandria, Stay at Home Mom

"Justine's core restore class was a total gamechanger. Since taking it, I became strong and stable enough to begin a regular exercising routine. I've since lost 19 lbs and have actual muscle!"

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C.C., Teacher 

"Justine's superpower is working your abs. she knows how to turn any exercise into an ab exercise."


Megan, Stay at Home Mom of 2

"This is the first time I haven't peed myself when I sneeze in over two years and the hip pain I was having with this pregnancy is now gone. Justine has given me so much knowledge I didn't even know was out there!".

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Jenny, Small Business Owner

"Justine is so attentive, you can tell she really has a passion for helping others reach their goals. Best of all, I can workout in my own home and still feel like I got my butt kicked in the gym! Highly recommended!!"


Debbie, Manager & Grandma of 8

"Justine helped me lose 22 pounds. I am so very very thankful that I had her to go to. she Is always very thorough very helpful. great job, Justine"


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